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More tunes from the one who goes under the name Dub Fiend. Nice chilled remix of that tune which eveyone knows, difficult tune to remix well but this definitely gives it another life. I like what he's done here, hope you do too...

2NAQ (Dub Fiend's Chilled Remix) - Rusko [RUDEEE]

This tune's been around a while although I'm not sure whether I ever posted it. Big steady bassline which will make you get your jiggle on.

Syncopath - Dub Fiend

Another week gone! Only a few days till Outlook - if anyone wants a ticket, we have one, possibly for free... anyone wanna come? Big line up...

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Anonymous said...

2NAQ (Dub Fiend's Chilled Remix) - Rusko
link error :/