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Whenever I hear of an exciting collaboration in the pipeline I always find myself selecting my favourite elements of production in each of the parents and envisaging them giving birth to my dream hybrid child. All too often I find myself disappointed, with the unique sounds of each of the contributors being drowned out in the finished piece. It can be a case of the whole being less than the sum of its parts. As a result of these past experiences, when we received previews of the forthcoming Neat & Submerse 12" 'Close', due out on Airflex Labs on 28/3, I began to listen with a degree of trepidation. I need not have worried, the two combine to offer the crisp sophistication and deep textures we have come to expect from them individually.

The skipping beats provide a steady backdrop for a gradual introduction of the various elements of the track. An echoing vocal cut interjects a delicate and emotional progression of harmonious strings. Following this the track begins to pulsate and swell with a newfound momentum, but the haunting strings continue to return like a forgotten memory. It's a really classy bit of production, and one which by no means limits itself to dance-floors. Two solid remixes are turned in by Falty DL and fresh talent Jack Dixon. Jack Dixon's remix ups the adrenaline, seizing on the synth surges and and making them the basis of the track whilst the addition of stringy piano sounds and extra vocals create a swirling cloud around it. Falty DL, in contrast, takes the emotional melody as the epicentre for the first half of his remix. At this point he introduces a more mobile bassline for a futuristic take on the original. It's a good release, with the original collaboration leading the way, and all tracks can be previewed below. Keep the 28th in mind to buy the vinyl here.

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