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Submotion Orchestra - Finest Hour LP

This one's long overdue, so our apologies go out to all of you – most of whom have probably already bought the release, but we still feel the need to highlight the brilliance of one of our favourite bands.

It’s hard to believe that 'Finest Hour' is Submotion Orchestra’s first LP – especially as it seems as if we've been listening to them for years and years. The album sparkles like a diamond in the sun and instantly transports us back to the time when we first saw them, early in the evening as the sun was setting, on Sunday of Outlook last year. Describing that set as magical would be appropriate. Only a handful of people were present in the fort as they took the stage, gleaming rays visible in the gently swirling dust, but by the end the place was full and everyone left with that funny feeling that you get when you know you’ve just witnessed something special. Since then we’ve been following them around Leeds, be it their semi-regular residency at Hukaz or their single launch in the middle of an industrial estate in Kirkstall, and they never fail to emit that feeling.

Angel Eyes - Submotion Orchestra [Exceptional Records]

'Angel Eyes' is the first track of the record, and the soothing, melodic beats invoke memories of a happier place in the spectrum of Dubstep. This is especially true when coupled with the vocals that fuse seamlessly on many, but not all of the tracks – a decision that serves to make the music all the more poignant, adding further depth to the seven piece ensemble's sound, but equally serving to focus on other aspects of composition when absent. Their musical ability is magnificent, no doubt comparable to Bonobo.

'All Yours' is the first release on the album, and if you’ve not got the hour to spare to the properly get into the album in a single sitting, (we strongly recommend you make time), then it’s a good place to start. We're huge fans of the brass that permeates throughout the album, especially three minutes in on this one - and once again we found ourselves transported back to the sun in Croatia, filling you with a euphoria that’s usually reserved for music in the dance section. It's also backed with a wonderful Jack Sparrow remix.

It’s not only the slower mood-makers where the album triumphs but there's also the faster paced 'Always' that'll get you grooving. It would be easy to go on and on about this release, especially with summer coming – it’s perfect for those lazy sunny afternoons, or even watching the suns ray break through the dark barrier of night. To be honest, it wouldn’t be out of place in a club or a bar or if you slipped it into your parent’s car – it’s that good.

'Finest Hour' is available to buy now on Amazon, Beatport, Chemical, Juno, iTunes etc.

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