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Introducing O B IGNITT

The past year saw a number of notable releases from Omar S and the FXHE crew in Detroit. The underground techno producer is known for being an eccentric, (making multi-coloured ice trays available to order from your label's site is slightly unusual) and also recently collaborated with Gunnar Wendel (AKA Kassem Mosse) on the simple but effective Enter the Fog EP.

We know even less about the mysterious O B IGNITT, whom Omar has produced with once previously in the past year. On IGNITT's first solo release, Oh Jabba, we find two great cuts of futuristic lo-fi house and techno respectively. In keeping with an apparent theme of classic movies with his releases, IGNITT references Jabba from 'Return of the Jedi' in both the name of the ep and its label art.

The title track 'Oh Jabba' comes to us in the form of an 8-bit influenced melodic house jam. It's a simple record that has a subtle funkiness, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. Please note that Juno has incorrectly labelled this release in the player.

Oh Jabba/Space Age Steppin - O B IGNITT [FXHE]

On the reverse, 'Space Age Steppin' is by contrast a more deliberate offering, although equally crunchy and lo-fi in approach. You could file it under deep-space techno, but its also oddly reminiscent of late '90s progressive house. It's the stuff that's meant to work in a club or warehouse environment, preferably on a great sound system.

More releases from Omar S, O B IGNITT and FXHE records are likely to surface in the near future. We're looking forward to what's next for the label in 2013.

You can pick up a copy from Juno here.

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