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This man, Dom Hz, in the last few months, has churned out tune after tune. The first track I picked up was on Subdepth’s split release with Biome titled ‘Don’t Stop’ then shortly followed his own ‘Footstep EP’ - both are on the deeper, darker side of Dubstep. Recently his ‘I Know EP’ dropped and blew me away. It contains four tracks, centered around Garagey patterns but each on a slightly different vibe, all serious riddims. Get over to your favourite store and get em in the crate.

SUBDIGI011 - Dom Hz

He has forthcoming material on Open Earz, Reduction and Subdepth. His ‘Mist EP’ drops next and I can’t wait! He has kindly recorded an hour long mix for your listening pleasure. There’s no messin’ around with this tracklisting!


01. Eyes Down (Feat. Andreya Triana) – Bonobo [Ninja Tune]
02. Afterthought – Pulsar [Subdepth]
03. Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM Remix) – TRG [Hessle Audio]
04. Untitled 759,10 - Tri-Funk [dub]
05. Spare Ribz – Zed Bias [White Label]
06. Tears - Hi-Jak [White Label]
07. Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison [Hotflush]
08. There Will Come Morning – Phaeleh [dub]
09. Luv U - Dom Hz [dub]
10. Over (Feat. Zarif) – Breakage [Digital Soundboy]
11. Invasion - Dom Hz [forthcoming Reduction]
12. Reformed - D Cult [Subdepth]
13. Angels VIP- Synkro [dub]
14. Township Funk (TRG Remix) – Mujava [This Is Music/Warp]
15. Fuse – Hudson Mohawke [Warp]
16. Tonight – Kulture [dub]
17. Amy Diamond – L-Wiz [Dub Police]
18. Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix) – BOP [Med School]
19. Black Diamonds - Dom Hz [Open Earz]
20. Tell Me – Mr Lager [dub]
21. Without You - Dom Hz [Open Earz]
22. Back Up (TRG Remix) – Deekline & Wizard [Against The Grain]
23. Funky Boy - Dom Hz [Subdepth]
24. You (Feat. Helen K) - Dom Hz [forthcoming Subdepth]
25. Heaven – Synkro & Indigo [Smokin Sessions]
26. Wikidest Sound - Dom Hz [dub]
27. Beauty – Silkie [Deep Medi]
28. Elevator Skank - Dom Hz [Open Earz]
29. Not Ready – Ironsoul [dub]
30. Pixel Rainbow Sequence – Hyetal [Reduction]
31. Starry Eyed (Unknown Remix) – Ellie Goulding [dub]
32. Hip Hop (Unknown Remix) - Dead Prez [dub]

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