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Featuring FAIB

The mixes had a rinsing (check here) and the Soundcloud's been getting the same treatment. There's a reason why, and that is... there's a certain something so dark, deep and satisfying about each production, which keeps me coming back for more. This Russian lady goes by the name of Marina Faib. 'Drops' was a freebie given out last year but only to 100 lucky people. After a little bit of hassling from me, and searching by her - this beauty is now available for the masses. Guaranteed to take you higher.

Drops - Faib [RUDEEE]

This one is pretty brand new and I believe is a competition entry. I haven't heard any other entries yet but they'll struggle to top this. Big spacey, techy kinda halfstep. Boom!

One Hundred Teeth (Faib Remix) - Sabre


Vodadubz said...

Overdosing on sub over 'ere. Mad props to the lady Faib.

heppy said...

Faib's a badwoman!

Luigi said...

Yes yes yes, loved the mixes. Cheers for this

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just love the way how faib works. Her tracks is pure beauty. My favorite still is "Marina Faib - Invisible Light