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Introducing FAIB

Many of you may know Marina Faib and therefore this does not apply. But... for those that haven't come across this Russian talent - you've been missing out. Drawing influences from Drum and Bass to the darker deeper end of Dubstep she brings us just what you'd expect but with an heir of quiet perfectionism. A prime example of this is in her last two mixes. Part 1 was in one of my top mixes of last year. There's no self hype but there's huge hype over these mixes and there's a reason for that. Enjoy...

DOWNLOAD: Worn Out Places
[promo mix]

01. Faib - Cold Rain [Mindset dubplate]
02. Lostlojic & Faib - Breath Of Spring
03. Faib - Whisper of Trees [Ranking dubplate]
04. Faib - The Silence
05. Faib - Somewhere Far Away
06. Faib - One Love [Mindset dubplate]
07. Okapi & Faib - Nirvana
08. Faib - Ticking Clocks [Ranking Records]
09. Synkro & Faib - Inhale [Smokin Sessions]
10. Faib - Invisible Light [Mindset dubplate]
11. Faib - My Game
12. Faib - Thrust In
13. Faib - Broken Mirror [Mindset dubplate]

Then, last week I was delighted to see she'd dropped part 2 just before Christmas.

DOWNLOAD: Worn Out Places (part II)
[unreleased dubplates only]

01. Moving Ninja - Tunnell
02. Innasekt - Cluster [forthcoming Boka]
03. Phaeleh - Low
04. Ruckspin & DLR - Conspiracy
05. Moving Ninja - Silo
06. Savior - Left Behind
07. Indigo - Your Not Alone
08. Merkabah - Sunspot
09. Ruckspin & Quark - Roman
10. Heinali - Only You
11. Lostlojic & Bisweed - The Overworld
12. Sneer - Bad Blood [forthcoming Amecca]
13. Savior - Burst Into Fire
14. Irrelevant - Grains (Myrkur Remix)

Check her other productions here, another name to watch in twenty ten.


Luigi said...

massive mix

Luigi said...

both of em are fucking rude in fact, rinsing off the second one now