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Lovin' LOJIK

Lojik has just released a free EP with some of his older productions on. This shouldn't be taken in the wrong way though. These four tunes are four beautiful compositions encapsulating time and space. Calming atmospherics surround the simple but effective beats and send you off into some dreamy haze. Having already caused a stir with his Bob Marley & Santogold remixes, we're looking forward to more big things this year.

What he has to say about himself is a nice little read.

"Luckily my parents got me into music at an early age playing all sorts of instruments like violin and keyboards, and I finally settled on guitar. I had alot of experience writing music in a band but when that stopped I had to turn to something else to express myself musically. With electronic music you can create a whole track yourself so that really drew me to it.

The first time I heard dubstep was Midnight Request Line by Skream which really got me, it was so simple but deep at the same time. I really wanted to replicate that so I started making beats. As I progressed my more musical influences became evident and I started incorporating more garagey type sounds into my tracks. In terms of where I'm going I'd love to be able to really strip down my tracks so they sound amazing with the bare minimum elements - if you can make a track sound great with just bass, drums and a few samples you know you've made a good track!"


01. A World To Forget
02. Lovin' You
03. Sparks
04. Secrets

Go check the soundcloud for more tunes etc.


Walker said...

link is dead got anything else?

Geist said...

This EP is worth it folks. Never heard of the guy until this blog. Real splendid.