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Me, you and everyone gotta move...

We been slack on the tune front recently and I know that's what goes down best so... I'm going to start with this sick edit from SBTRKT who is quickly rising up the list of highly rated producers but that's not the only reason to start - the title fits perfectly for what you are about to receive. A portion of 2010 in sound waves. You may also recognise it from our latest mix if you've been so lucky as to hear that.

Timeless (SBTRKT Edit) - Goldie

A freebie from VVV who I'm reckoning is going to have a huge year. Consistently pushed out decent beats in '09 through the dubs section of Dubstepforum (which is now waste for those who haven't already realised) and I now believe he has some stuff coming out this year sometime. Head over to the myspace for some previews. He leans in a different direction to normal with this one but perhaps this is also appropriately named.

Learning Curve - VVV

Chesus & Rodski have joined Tony Blitz and J.D.S and are now known as C.R.S.T. There's a promo mix from them over at Chrome Kids if you're interested in more stuff by them. Otherwise this future garagey 2-step beat is soothing my ears and even inducing a slight nod of the head. Riddim.

Me n You - C.R.S.T [RUDEEE]

Night Slugs' first release is a big one, 2010 is set to be a big year for those boys. For full info on the release, check here. If you don't know what Night Slugs is, or who it's run by or what sounds they're pushing then a good read of that blog should bring you up to date. Or you could start with this Funky number, Mosca on the original, Greena on the remix. Mosca's 'Nike', also on the EP was recently found in this list...

Square One (Greena Remix) - Mosca

Lastly, Nosaj Thing has also set himself up for a big year - with a debut album out last year some may say he's already a had big one but I feel another step up in the coming months. Originality doesn't seem to escape his production skills. Dreamy evening sounds complentmented by floating vocals. One for the bedtime playlist perhaps?

Heaven Can Wait (Nosaj Thing Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Excited for what this year might bring us? I am. A lot. What's the vote on?

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Timeless (SBTRKT Edit) - Goldie
((( BANGER )))