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Is it still love you want...

I was only thinking to myself the other day that there was a distinct lack of good music around at the moment. Releases seemed to have got stuck in the snow just like everything else and all the free stuff is wank. This is probably not true just me not being grumpy. However I did pick up "Arabian From Luzzi" (which might be named wrong) by Sec which has been soothing the craving. On the snow topic - I don't understand how our whole country goes into shutdown with a bit of the white stuff. Everywhere else can cope. And why didn't the weathermen see it coming weeks ago. That's their job isn't it? Perhaps it's just too difficult for them.

Anyway, B. Rich has managed to bring the goods to the table with this enjoyable remix of Tiesto. Good use of the vocals and not over done it with the bassline. Synthy big room sound but also suitable for lounging. He's suggesting this could be called Trancestep - sounds good to me.

Knock You Out (B. Rich Remix) - Tiesto [RUDEEE]

Wachs Lyrical who we featured a while back recently gave away his Bloc Party remix which he did with Squidface. Not Wachs' normal style this but one to pull out the bag at a party. Squelchy bassline which then ends up in some bouncy drum n bass. It's had big recognition from Kissy Sell Out who said, "Normally I do an edit of the tracks so they fit better in my sets but this one's just fine the way it is." It's even still in his top 5 tracks sent to the Kissy Klub. On the subject of Kissy, has anyone seen how nuts he is at DJing? Probably not very appealing to most but you can check it on his myspace just above the Beatport shop bit and... I heard his Toddla T remix on the radio the other day and then found it's already been given out. Bouncy bassline under a big original vocal.

One More Chance (Wachs Lyrical & Squidface Remix) - Bloc Party

Rice & Peas (Kissy's Drum n' Bass Mix) - Toddla T

Lastly, there was some twittering the other day about an unreleased number from the old time favourites Aesop Rock. Quality isn't great but tis worth a listen.

Jinx Planet - Aesop Rock

Oh and a bonus - Senseless Records are giving away a old track by Sarantis on their bandcamp. All you need is your email address. It's worth it. You remember that first track on our first mix? Same label.

Whatagwaan - Sarantis

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