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We liked it how it used to be...

Old tunes have been popping up here and there recently and so here's my favourite few. Still playing catch up so apologies if you've picked these up already but, if not, you need to.

This one tickles my fancy the most. Jack Sparrow definitely falls in my top 10 Dubstep producers, it'll be a sad day when he stops making beats. Less of the negatives. Big news yesterday was that he has an eleven track album coming out on Tectonic titled 'Circadian Rhythm'. This is due out 4th October and features fellow Leeds based producer Ruckspin. Hold is from Dubstep's early days, as usual Sparrow provides us with plenty of weight and space.

Hold - Jack Sparrow (2004)

Skream and Rusko have played huge parts in the growth of the Dubstep scene, Skream I'd say more so - Rusko sort of split himself off from the scene and has gone on to do his own thing. Both have had albums out recently. Skream's impressed with top production and clean beats although track selection could have been improved slightly. Rusko's fell way short of good but then I guess that's personal preference and it's probably suited better to his local fans. Now for the important bit, both have let out free EPs of old tunes which won't see a release. Here's my pick of the bunch, the Rusko remix of 'Dutch Flowers' has to be up there with one of his best tracks.

Gully Flute - Rusko
Dr Who Dub (Skreamix) - Dr Blue & The Time Travellers
Dutch Flowers (Rusko's Trial Inna Babylon Remix) - Skream

ReSketch has only recently been grabbing my attention, mainly with his collaborations with Submerse. The pair have let out a couple of free tracks - this first one's a bit of a cross between Bassline, Garage and Dubstep. Hybrid bizness. The second, a rolling deeper piece of Dubstep with a Garage drum pattern. Did someone say Future-Garage?!

Madhattin - ReSketch (2008)
Just For You - Submerse (2008)

Get Away - ReSketch & Submerse


Rowdy said...

Love JS and been rinsing Submerse in recent weeks, havent heard some of these though. Top tunes = on point as always!

Marcus Shaw said...

here's a tip - how about you make the text on your website readable. maroon on black is stupid

Mess-Head said...

Blog smashed it....

Submerse killin it as per.

Pelski said...

Good shout. Jack Sparrow's a top producer, really enjoying 'Loveless' right now.