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One Hell Of A Mission

Inevitably with any musical act that attempts the transition from the depths of a niche, underground genre to the popularised realms of chart-infiltrating dance music, there are likely to be a series of almost cliché tag lines and comparisons innovated by the press in order to familiarise the public with the act in question and their particular sound whilst avoiding as much descriptive narrative as possible. For the South-London songstress Katie Brien (otherwise known as Katy B) the case is no different, as the precociously talented female vocalist amasses widespread acclaim amidst the release of her debut solo release 'Katy On A Mission'.

"The Florence of Funky," "the next Lily Allen" and even "reminisces of a young Jill Scott" are just some of the comparable insights that have been cast towards the twenty year old, who is seemingly on course to become the highest charting dubstep act to date this Sunday. Therefore whilst some juxtaposing comments may be far from enlightening and perhaps slightly obscure, the publicity appears to have been an effective catalyst in transforming a featured artist on underground grime and UK-Funky tracks into a headline solo act.

Good Life (Remix) - Geeneus & Katy B

"Katy On A Mission’ was released on Monday through Rinse and is the initial instalment for an album that is due out in the final months of 2010. Bass-heavy and laced with the hook-driven, soulful refinement of Brien’s vocal input, the collaboration with Benga showcases the successful integration of contemporary R&B against the backdrop of a dub-laden club vibe. In return Katy B provides the vocals for Benga’s forthcoming single ‘Perfect Stranger’ with his subsidiary venture Magnetic Man, which is a much faster paced, house track displaying the Brit School graduate’s versatility and developed vocal range.

Information about the soloist’s debut album is currently limited, however with a second single entitled ‘Louder’ attached to her debut release, Brien presents the influences of her UK-Funky routes with the collaborative efforts of DJ Zinc insightfully suggesting that the record will perhaps be a variety of dance genres that best suit the singer’s powerful voice.

The Song - Katy B & Others

If this is to be the case, ‘type casters’ will have nightmares trying to label her sound, but for now, basking in inevitable chart success Katy B can simply be crowned the First Lady Of Dubstep.


Anonymous said...

the cunt should have never touched man on a mission, ruined a perfect track.

Anonymous said...

She's on the way to the top?! this is terrible!

Anonymous said...

Great re-make of 'Good Life', but not a huge fan of what she did with Benga's track. Not that it bothers me that much, I can still listen and enjoy the original and avoid her mix, just stay away from day-time radio.

luke said...

Agreed. Benga's original is far superior and her lyrics are pretty shit to. Don't think it says she's on her way to the top anywhere in the post tho but that shes just sold a lot of downloads and got some success from it. Theres no claim that she will be an influential artist or anyhting, just a good set of lungs.

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