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Fruits of the Summer

Whilst we tend to avoid posting any sort of chart lists on here, partly because they sadly often get viewed as exhaustive lists of anything that's worth listening to, and partly because we intend to maintain an emphasis on up and coming, often unsigned talent, there occasionally comes a time when I feel an uncontrollable urge to share a particular song, just in case someone has happened to be unfortunate enough to not have heard it. There have been several such instances in the latter stages of this summer, and so whilst our ethical stance on blogging means there are no mp3's on offer here, you are strongly advised to check out the 4 tracks below and then dip into your pocket if you haven't already,

The A-Side of Hyetal's recent release on the new Orca label is both triumphant and euphoric. Its Game Boy style synths convey a sense of wonder and adventure that reduce you to childhood excitment in seconds. Buy it.

I really struggled to decide which track of Svpreme Fiend's Killer EP to post. Both Deluge VIP and Downfall are simply stunning, as is the EP is whole really. I eventually went with Downfall, track 2 of the B-Side, out on Local Action. Plenty of space and hushed atmoshere are constructed around the 2-step beat, with mournful vocals delicately float over the top. Buy it.

Doc Daneeka's latest offering on Ramp Recordings, Hold On, ushers a crackling quality over the threatening strings and resonant vocals demonstrating an innovative deep and soulful side to funky that might well be the direction the genre begins to head. Buy it.

Mala's latest release comes as a B-Side to Four Tet, the whole release seemingly a promo for the forthcoming Future Bass EP on Soul Jazz Records. The B-Side has a subtle yet powerful quality to it, with a buzzing synth pulsating through the surrounding ominous harmonica. Sadly there is only a short pre-release version on soundcloud, but if it sounds like your thing there are full versions available on your preferred generic video sharing website. Buy it.


Pelski said...

Great post. Hold On is a such a tune. best release from Doc Daneeka yet i reckon

Jack Bluff said...

yo guys, love this blog.
check out my house of pain booty.