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Wachs Lyrical who we first spoke to back in June 2009 (here) has gone from strength to strength. After that post he had N-Type after his tunes amongst many others. These days sees him heavily involved with the Leeds music scene playing out regularly but is also part of the Vagabondz crew. His work at Outlook Festival was highly appreciated, running around with little sleep sorting out all the Press & Media. Big up for sorting us some passes in the end!

Wachs has a quality list of forthcoming material, here's what's in the pipeline at present.

What I Feel Like Doing w/ Jack Sparrow Remix + iGrade Remix [Subdepth]
Elemental Algorithm + The Project [Subdepth]
Pariah w/ TMSV Remix [Brap Dem Recordings]
Atlas w/ Riskotheque Remix [For The Win Records]

Anyway, we've called on him to bring us the next instalment of our mix series. He's pieced together a huge tracklisting featuring nearly all dubs or forthcomings. Not just this but there are quite a few of his own productions in there too. This mix moves from Housey Garagey side of things through to the deeper sub rumbling likes of Jack Sparrow and back again. Sit back and enjoy the beats...


01. Made up My Mind – Hackman [dub]
02. Felt Smasher – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
03. Cairo – Akilles [dub]
04. Fell Dub (HxdB Remix) – Sephirot [forthcoming Subdepth]
05. Head Up – MAKO
06. Zebra vs Lynx – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
07. Ladders – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
08. Warm Moments ft. Novika – Jack Sparrow [dub]
09. Dah-Un – Legend4ry [dub]
10. Introspection – NumberNim6 & HxdB [forthcoming Subdepth]
11. Rosebud – DFRNT [dub]
12. Homecoming – Myrkur [forthcoming Subbalicious]
13. Odyssey – Von D & DJ MADD [dub]
14. Dread – Ashburner & Goli [dub]
15. Seshaan – MAKO [dub]
16. Dread – Jack Sparrow & Ruckspin [forthcoming Tectonic]
17. Shikra – Ruckspin [forthcoming Pushing Red]
18. Mecha – Submerse [dub]
19. Querky – Commodo [Untitled!]
20. Immortal – Myrkur [dub]
21. How Long 2010 ft. Dorrie – Pasteman [dub]
22. What I Feel Like Doing – Wachs & Riskotheque [forthcoming Subdepth]
23. Moulded – Sunchase (Akilles Remix) [dub]
24. Your My – Von D & Mr Lager [forthcoming Von D’s album on Argon]
25. Love Music – Von D [forthcoming Von D’s album on Argon]
26. Fear Alarm – Mr Illis [dub]
27. We Fresh – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
28. New Sick! – UFO [dub]
29. Elemental Algorithm – Wachs Lyrical [forthcoming Subdepth]
30. Atlas – Wachs Lyrical & Akilles [forthcoming FTW]

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