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Featuring DJG

DJG of San Francisco informed us the other day of a brand new project he's started. It's called 'Voids'. There's very little stuff we get sent that after 30 seconds of the first track I click 'New Post' so I hope you feel the same and even can donate some money for his efforts. Here's what he had to say about it...

"I'm releasing a collection of twelve tracks through my website djgsound.com this Wednesday September 15. It's not an album, but I do feel the tracks belong together, and I decided they belong in two parts; Voids One is really for the ravers & the djs. These songs represent the sound I've pushed hard in the club over the last few years: dark, energetic, moody rave vibes. Voids Two is more personal, a bit lighter maybe, and closer to my heart.

I've decided to release them for free, without the help of a record label. I simply feel like sharing these songs with people in a direct and personal way."

<a href="http://music.djgsound.com/album/voids-one">VOIDS ONE by DJG</a>

<a href="http://music.djgsound.com/album/voids-two">VOIDS TWO by DJG</a>

"These are songs that I’ve never really been able to let go of, nearly all of them I pulled from scheduled releases or turned away offers from labels for various reasons. They are songs that I really believe in and feel connected to. Some were written as far back as 2007 and as recently as a month ago. They’ve been supported by an endless list of big name DJs and requested by friends and listeners for release."

All in all, this is not one to miss out on. Take the time to listen to the tracks, there is too much beauty within. In the words of Sonic Router (who have an interview with DJG about 'Voids' here) "it's people like him that've given us that vital boost when life takes over and post frequency wanes". However, post frequency is about to resume.

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