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I posted a couple of his tunes the other day but coincedently the two I posted are both getting released so they had to be removed. Those were the first tracks I'd heard from this producer and they definitely made an impression. Fortunately he's sent over some more which I'm so excited about. I've listened to all of them about 5 or 6 times through and even went to sleep listening to one of them last night. Here's a few words from the man himself. Get familiar...

My name is Liam Wachs and I am a 19 year old producer from a tiny town in Hertfordshire called Kings Langley. I started producing after I went round to a mate's house when I was 17 and he put on some breakbeat tracks that he had written. Before this I had no idea that one could make electronic music with just a computer and no other hardware apart from speakers. This really inspired me and opened up a door in the electronic music world.

I realised I had a copy of Garageband on my macbook and so I started messing around on there, putting the apple loops blocks together and adding some basic drums, strings etc... Eventually I got Reason and started using that before finally moving to Logic Pro which I now produce on, while every so often using Reason (rewired) to get a specefic sound. I tend to produce at a high speed as I find that if I leave a track for to long I start to lose inspiration. I also seem to write more than most producers, normally about 4 tracks a week, I don't know if that is bad or good but it seems to be working out ok at the moment!

Dubstep is only a small part of my production as I am the music production of LRG Media. It is quite amusing switching from writing dark dubstep beats to music for childrens TV but a lot of my music sounds quite filmic I think, so that is that side coming through.

I also am recording a hip-hop album this summer with Mr Rhymer and also a completely original project with an inspirational girl that I am keeping a secret but am really psyched about.

Why do you produce?

Hmm, I guess people talk about having a calling and this is mine. Both my parents are obsessed with music and always have been so I was brought up with it all the time and this has played a big part in my musical inspiration which ranges from death/black metal to Jazz, trip-hop and classical.


Music, music and more music. I am just about done setting up my company Wachs Lyrical which composes music for film, adverts, trailers, coroporate films and more, so hopefully that will carry on doing well. Dubstep-wise I will just carry on doing what I am doing which is write lots and lots, and hope that people are enjoying it.

Thoughts on the universe?

Well that is tricky. I am lucky enough to have such awesome friends who really keep these types of thoughts stimulated. I do spend a lot of time really wondering what our purpose on this planet is. Do we have a purpose? And does it really matter anyway?! My dad always says that if you can keep the people around you happy and healthy then you have fulfilled all the purpose neccesary and I guess this makes a lot of sense, so for the moment I guess those are my thoughts on life.

The Meaning [RUDEEE]

"I find, that thus, the true meaning of life... is no meaning. That it's purpose has no purpose and it's sense is... NONSENSE"

I have just finished my A levels last week and am off to Leeds Uni in September so expect big things from me there as I intend to get involved in the scene up there as much as possible.

Big up Mr Wachs, these are the best set of tracks I've received in the last six months. Starting off melodic getting heavier as you go down. If you wanna preview them first... check the myspace. Trust me on this one though these are seriously good.

Melancholia - chilled with indie vocals
Fossil - dark ery cinematic
Paradise - happy bouncy vibes
Ode on Apollo - bounce... to the steady beat
Sadism - whirring energetic beat
Dynasty - heavy sub bass


Watch for forthcoming releases very soon.


Anonymous said...

cutting room vip is big, and I already liked the non vip

Cixxx J + Gigi + Friends said...

Wachs Lyrical has got some seriously heavy tuneage and next level crossover ideas!! One producer I'm on for sure, and which I had already had the pleasure to rinse on thanks to himself, BIG UP WACHS!!!