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Introducing TEK-ONE

Tek-One is a name to watch out for. Having had a couple of other side projects since Partyshank, which for those who don't know consisted of Howard and Christian - A1 Bassline. We all know the success Christian's had/having but now Howard's turned his musical ADHD towards Dubstep, the tunes he's coming out with are fantastic. Not only this but there's a live show to go with it. I'm not entirely sure what the setup is but if anyone has watched the impressive drummer on Youtube who plays along to tunes like Where's My Money and others - he's the other half of Tek-One!

These tunes have been getting good feedback from the top names so snatch them up and try not to blow your speakers. HEAVY!

Do Not Bend

If there's anyone in the area, make sure you get down to this, the flyer is shown below - it's set to be mind-blowing! Also, I've just noticed a forthcoming date in Wales supporting Rusko. Watch out!

1 comment:

Hossle said...

haha Bug is immense. Big Up.