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Put some jelly on that roll...

Big up to Udachi for giving us the heads up on this one, been waiting for this track to drop for ages and ages. It's maaad! Go get it and you'll definitely want some jelly on that roll. This track is gonna destroy the system!

Jellyroll - Udachi [RUDEEE]

I didn't want this to be another update but looks like it's your lucky day. Hostage has been chucking out the tracks recently and I think some of them have been a bit iffy. This one however is a different story. Full to the brim of bouncy wobbly vibes.

Special Brew - Hostage

I wish I was a little bit taller... I've been saying this for a while. It's not gonna happen though. Didn't think there would be a decent remix of the song either but this one is a gooden.

I Wish (Audiostalkers Remix) - Skeelo

Seems like I missed out on this one but picked it up after listening to Forensics latest mixtape (which is very good). Larry Tee's had some heavy bassline treatment.

Hipster Girl (Evol Intent Remix) - Larry Tee

Lastly, Stereoheroes have been really impressing me lately. It's kinda electro infused fidget but really tuneful and catchy at the same time. Check it...

Hey You (Stereoheroes Remix) - Pony Pony Run Run

More Introducing posts to come within the next sun-down. Stay safe.

1 comment:

Cixxx J + Gigi + Friends said...

Cheers for bringing the Udachi, great big sound!!! Also Hostage is a good tune, nice post!