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HUSH DJs present...

Let me take you on a trip, a journey full of sound and beats. One that'll lead you down, way down... but first, you gotta stick some of this in your hush pipe bitch...

The second in our mix series, the first has had over 700 downloads and hopefully has been keeping you all entertained. We've had some lovely feedback from it. If you missed it, click here. Anyways, same as before stick it on your iPod or a CD for those travelling times or party times. Sit back and relax, not sure you'll be able to though. Happy listening...


01. Hush House Intro
02. Guns High - Geeks
03. Sunday Morning Dub - Ripple
04. Show Me Love VIP - Geeks & Sikey
05. They Live (Alkaseltza Remix) - Evil Nine
06. Fat Girl Rodeo - Cookie Monsta
07. Against The Machines - DatsiK vs Downlink
08. The Blank (16Bit Remix) - Skism
09. Cobra - 16Bit
10. Mr Robot - Pond Life
11. Brace For Impact - Philthkids
12. Nine To Five (DZ Remix) - Boltan
13. Make It Rain (The Widdler Bootleg) - Fat Joe
14. My Mistakes (Starkey Remix) - Wiley
15. Science Of Skank - Stagga
16. It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix) - Damien Marley
17. Game Over - DatsiK & Flux Pavillion


Anonymous said...

big ups for this mix! :D

Anonymous said...

fav mix! thanks Hush!

Anonymous said...

i havent downloaded this yet, but is it all in one huge song? cuz im just downloading one mp3

Anonymous said...

It's the best dubstep Mix I've heard in a long time.
Esp. the evil 9 - they live
off the chain...Mad Props!!!

Anonymous said...

can someone please repost the mix. I want DL.