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Time for a few words with the rising star Lorcan Mak who's been causing a stir with his long build ups, fidgetty wobbles and super bouncy jackin' rhythms.

Irish, born and bred?

I am indeed. I was born in the Rotunda Hospital in Parnell Sqr, and went to an all Irish Speaking School called Colaiste Mhuire which was situated in Dublins Inner city. I am fleunt in Gaelic, which is very important to me and I'm very gratefull to have the ability to speak my native tongue, especially in todays multi cultural society.

What's the music scene like there?

I dont think there really is a proper "scene" over here at the moment. Theres not really enough people into electronic music in Dublin. I suppose you could say theres a small "scene". Most of the people who attend any of the House/Tech/Electro nights around Dublin would know or at least know of each other, that's how small the "scene" is. The clubs and nights are not really up to scratch in comparison to London and other European capital cities, but there are whopper nights on now and again. Our population is not that big so maybe thats one of the reasons why theres not much of a "scene". I think there's a lot more people in Ireland into Indy and Rock and the likes...

Favourite producer at the moment?

Probably HiJack. Im all about silly sampling....jacking house. I'm really into what he's doing at the moment. Shocking. Basic.

Gypsy Bum's just had a release. Where did the name come from?

I just thought it suited the track, also thought it was funny. Here's a fresh remix I've just got from my mate CitiZen Black which I think you should post.

Gypsy Bum
Gypsy Bum (CitiZen Black Remix)

I think it's a sweet track name! What's planned for the next release?

I'm currently working on my debut EP, which is coming along. I still have a lot to get finished though. I would like to have it done before the end of the summer. I am also working on some stuff with fellow Dublin head Detboi at the moment, hopefully get an EP done. We have some mad stuff planned and its going well so far.

You going to any festivals this summer?

Yeh I'm planning to head to Global Gathering this year. I went last year for the first time and it was SICK! I also will be heading to the next two big festivals over here in Ireland "Oxegen" and "Electric Picnic" and I also should be hitting "Airbound Festival" in Croatia too. Looking forward to 'em all cant wait...

What have you got for the readers?

Heres my last mix...


01. Robb G - 12 Inch Therapy (Bass KlephsĂ­s Dirty Ows Mix)
02. Robert Boogert - On My Knees (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
03. AC Slater - Vertigo (Jaksaw remix)
04. Wolfgang Gartner - Bounce (Original Mix)
05. Rustler - This Is Not A Drill (Ed Kane Mix)
06. Twocker - Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix)
07. AC Slater - Bassline Time (Original Mix)
08. HiJack, Flinch - Check This (Original Mix)
09. Ryan Riback - Boom (Lee Mortimer Remix)
10. Tom EQ - I Need You (Hijack Remix)
11. Lorcan Mak - Crack Shack (Original mix)
12. Lorcan Mak - The Sound (Original Mix)
13. Boy 8 Bit - Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix)
14. AC Slater - Party Like Us (Bulgarian Remix)
15. Hatiras, MC Flipside - Get Blahsted (Will Bailey Remix)
16. Skynet UK - Back To 89 (Calvertron Remix)

Thank you for your time. I had a listen through the mix and had my feet jiggling all the way through! Has the same vibes as a Bass Kleph mix, big and bouncy. I'm sure you'll be seeing this name a lot more in the next few months... check the myspace for what's coming!

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