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The MashedUK boys have been working very hard the past couple of weeks rounding up the loose ends in preparation for the launch of Dubscover which is ever getting closer. 12th June is the date we're all waiting for. If you missed the introduction, check this post... and remember to go and join the Facebook Group if you're interested in what they're doing.

Hylu & Jago take you for a ride through this first installement of the the Dubscover Podcast, this will give you all the info you need and what kinda vibe to expect on the night.

Dubscover Podcast 001

Fancy a minimix of brand new fresh tracks? This is an essential for the iPod.


1. Sick Rebel - Sputnik (Blood Tribe Records)
2. The Boog-A-Loo Crew - Bad Boy (White Label)
3. Lysergide - Morning Sesh VIP (Betamorph Recordings)
4. Sick Rebel - Haze (Blood Tribe Records)
5. The Boog-A-Loo Crew - Eurovision RMX (White Label)
6. Lysergide - Natural Born Dubber (Betamorph Recordings)
7. Crises - Untitled (White Label)

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