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We've recently been affiliated with MashedUK. This new promotions company is run by three people, one being DJ Hylu who we met in this post. They have developed two new FREE nights @ Gramaphone in London: DUBSCOVER and TECHSCOVER. Their aim is to create a place where you can unwrap and discover new talent in dubstep and techno, once a month, FREE of charge!!!

The trio are teaming up with various promoters, record labels, agents, managers and companies to showcase their artists to help them gain further establishment, secure more bookings, and even discuss record releases. The uniqueness of Dubscover and Techscover is that they only focus on fresh undiscovered artists. At every event each artist has 1 hour to perform, and a further 15 minutes to help you to decide who is the best - all the audience have to do is scream and shout for their favourite. It's all about the atmosphere and the winner from each night gets some amazing rewards.

The sound system is big, fat, heavy and ready for some low frequencies!

They are launching ‘Dubscover’ on Friday 12th June and ‘Techscover’ on Friday 10th July. Then the two events will then alternate on the second Friday of every month.


If you want to perform at Dubscover or Techscover just drop them or us a mix and some info about what you do...

Watch this space for more info about their launch party, mini-mixes and podcasts.

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