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I gotta bounce it on my head...

Mark Daniels who is one half of Daphutur DJs has sent over this bunch of tracks and they definitely stand out from the rest of the emails we get. Note to anyone who is thinking about sending us music or has already but hasn't seen a post or a reply - we get a fair few emails and not all can be replied to, I'm sorry! Please take the time to make sure that your tunes are to the highest standard possible! Most producers trying to get their name out there rush tracks and you can straight away tell a track that has had time and effort put into it - remember this!

Anyways back to the main point. These guys are making a noise out of Edmonton, Canada and from having a quick look at their myspace seem to be definitely at the forefront of the local party scene. They've started producing some tunes themselves and you can hear a variety of influences coming through - Boy 8-Bit ish, perhaps a bit of Crookers and maybe a little Blatta & Inesha. We hope there's more to come, think there's a lot of potential here but in the meantime, these need checking.

Hot For Pop - Daphutur [RUDEEE]
Play or Get Played - Phatcat & Mark Daniels
Get Yur Fuk On (Degree & Daniels Bootleg Remix) - Wong Boys
Gumball Machine Weekend (Mark Daniels Remix) - Yppah

(I may have messed up the names in iTunes so change them to how they're written here, and also it seems I left the artwork out - stick that in too if it makes a difference to you!)


Anonymous said...

big it up!!!!

BoyGENIU$ said...

Daphutur is the shit!!

dan said...

hot for pop!!!! holy shitttttt

huk! said...

bOOm FiaH!

Daphutur be bringing the heat! Wicked wicked watch these suckaz for real blogosphere.