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Lower the bit rate...

These two known as 16Bit have, in the last few months burst onto the scene and have been rattling speakers up n down the country with their enormous sounds. A few days ago they approached us with their Flat Beat remix but I’ve managed to squeeze a little more out of them. I don’t think too much gets taken seriously, however, some of the tunes are seriously good. Take what you want from these answers… I think there may be some kinda message in this first one?!

How long you both been into Dubstep?

I like music. I didnt want to go in the car so I got the bus. DRT didnt really like Dubstep. Kidnappa hates it. Once I had a bagel with sugar in it. DRT used to be in a ska band. Maybe it was a dreeem. I guess it’s all the same anyway.

Were you expecting the reaction to Chainsaw Calligraphy to be as big or was it done as kinda joke? I'd say it was the perfect way to break into the scene...

Dubstep is so varied. It's like anything, if people only hear what they're fed. i.e. the easily accessible tracks then they're missing out on a whole lot of goodness underneath. It’s the same as if someone only listens to a few genres, you're cutting off your access to a wealth of other tunes. We had a couple releases out before In Death Car EP but it seems everybody loves chainsaws so that was the one to give us the jump.

Are you liking the way the scene is evolving? This Clubsteppy kinda stuff seems pretty popular…

Not keen on sub-genres, or even genres for that matter. If a song is sick, it's sick. Oh no wait, lullabies is my favourite genre.

I’ve heard a lullaby goes down a treat at Clockwork! You’ve got a forthcoming EP on Southside Dubstars - you got some low bit rate, super high quality previews for us?!

Course, here's some exclusive clips I just done…

A - Cobra
AA1 - Jump!
AA2Can You Show Me What Head Is?

Top 5 tunes at the mo?

Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value VIP)
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Alex B - Well Well
Anything by Audio
Bob Dylan - Masters of War

Go get their latest tunes at Beatport and there’s some others here.

They’ve just been booked for Glade Festival so you can catch them playing on the Saturday in the Boomtown Tent. For more info click here

If you haven’t seen this already, check it, is quite amusing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

these guys are crazy! but in a good way. Keep the tunes coming