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Amusing news...

I have only just discovered these two but have been very impressed with the stuff they’re putting out. I came across them as they have a release called “Girls Love Bass” with a few tasty remixes which came out last month. It’s not on Beatport but can be found at all the other main ones. They seemed to have had a bit of trouble recently and here's the low down...


Early last week The Squatters received an urgent letter from Paris. This was not good news - big shot David Guetta had got wind of their independently run record label, Hug Me I’m Homeless. This happened when the house music enthusiast received a promo from the label through its online distribution system. Mr Guetta was not happy about the branding and name Hug Me I’m Homeless as it had a similar appearance and name to his own F*** Me I’m Famous brand. Action was then taken against The Squatters and a solicitor’s letter was issued. Mr Guetta's solicitors pointed out that Mr & Mrs Guetta were very upset about this and that if no action was taken towards changing the name, or irradiating the label, matters would be taken further.

Mr Guetta’s solicitors outlined that the Squatters had broken copyright laws by committing the following:

  • the logotype used shares lots of similarities with our clients’ one, such as the same calligraphy

  • the same presentation of the denomination on two different lines and with the same proportions

  • the presence of an exclamation mark at the end of your denomination

  • the use of three stars in place of three letters

  • the use of red, black and white
As well as being accused of this, Mr Guetta's solicitor also stated that:

“We think that you are clearly taking advantage of our clients’ reputation and private rights to make undue profit, to the detriment of our clients. In fact, these dealings are constitutive of infringement of our clients’ prior trademarks, injury to our clients’ reputation and public image, unfair competition and parasitism, unjustified prejudice for our clients”.

As a response to this they have had to make all possible efforts to delete any traces of the Hug Me Im Homeless brand and have renamed their label to something that has no relevance to Guetta Events and that could not be confused with the F*** Me Im Famous brand. They have also had to publish a statement requested by Mr Guetta’s solicitors to clear up confusion between the brands:

“In order to respect the IP rights of Guetta Events, representing Cathy and David Guetta, we have changed the name of our label to POOMF! Records. Our label does not have any link with Cathy and/or David Guetta. F*** ME I’M FAMOUS is a registered trademark belonging to GUETTA EVENTS”.

The Squatters have made all efforts possible to resolve problem and apologise for any inconveniences or sleepless nights caused by their actions. All they can say now is “POOMF!!... Hug Me I’m Homeless has gone!”

Blow Ya Mind (The Squatters Remix) - Lock & Load

Everybody In The Place (The Squatters Remix) – The Prodigy

There are many other tracks available on Beatport so go get em - this is their latest:


Anonymous said...

David Guetta... what a tool!

Anonymous said...

David Guetta is a tool!

Miig said...


Anonymous said...

squatters are tools.

sixty4k said...

funny, was totally unaware of 'fuck me i'm famous' till this, and now I just think dude is a douche.