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That line up is not one to be missed! Get down to The Arches for a super good night. I've got exams so I can't make it but has anyone seen the line up for the Mad Decent party the week before? HUGE! I'll be at that one. Come visit!

Speaking of trouble, this track is one of the loveliest tracks I've heard for a while. Steady beat, bongo drums and a very very soothing voice. Marina has got competition! The Nadastrom boys have made it a little more of what we'd normally listen to, but... this blog is all about broadening your music taste and discovering new tracks/artists. That's the best thing about music! Well, I think so anyways...

Trouble Is A Friend (Eli Escobar Remix) - Lenka [RUDEEE]
Trouble Is A Friend (Nadastrom Remix) - Lenka

Hostage has delivered once again, and this time it's for all the people associated with this blog. Ha. Dubby Clubsteppy stuff. Check the Saxon rip off vocals.

Rudeboys - Hostage

Evil Nine has come out of hiding and it's clear he's been in the darkness. This a deep rocky track but with a kinda poppy Calvin Harrisy twist on it - don't let this put you off, there's not that much resemblance! It's nicely produced and makes a change to the listening to all the samey stuff. Also just incase you missed this splendid squelchy screetchy remix of They Live!

Icicles (Evil Nine's Graveyard Smash) - Evil Nine
They Live! (Felix Cartal Remix) - Evil Nine

Back to usual whirring kinda fidgetty stuff. Larry Tee's had the makeover by the ever growing Mom & Dad. Seems like it was only the other day I was listening to his demo stuff. I think he's had a couple of releases already.

My Pussy (Mom & Dad Remix) - Larry Tee

Haven't heard a new Bird Peterson track for a while but that doesn't matter cos it's worth the wait. Apparently he didn't like music until he heard his own...! I don't know what that says about his personality but that doesn't matter. This has a bit of a Fake Bloody bassline when it drops. Nah mean. Can't wait to see Fake Blood, been waiting a while now. 2 weeks. Yeh.

Skeletons (Bird Peterson Remix) - Felix Cartal

Now we all know Blatta & Inesha from this post and also for being straight up Sicilian brilliance so I thought I'd update you with the latest tracks. AC Slater named them in his top artists in a sick interview over at Rub-A-Dub-Dubbb. Check it.

Blatta & Inesha Update

Another update for your ears, I've been holding these tracks in for a super post and here's exactly the right time for it! I know some of you may have picked some of them up already but I thought it'd be easiest to stick em all together, just delete the ones you already have! I've been picking up his tunes for nearly a year n half now and he's come a super long way. Pretty much every track he comes out with now is top notch! Also check back for an introduction to what the other half of Partyshank is up to these days. It's good I promise!

A1 Bassline Update [RUDEEE]

If that's not enough for you, check Palms Out for their latest release which includes another lovely Doorly remix (which you should all go and buy the 320 of cos I'm going to) and some more from A1 Bassline. And anyone remember this from back in the day of Remix Sunday? Sick bassline.

Never Before (Zombie Disco Squad) - Ghost Frequency

Sorry there are no links in but that's the thing which takes the longest with a post. If you need a myspace or some more info on an artist, Google's your friend!

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Hossle said...

Appreciate the mention. AC ripped the place apart! Word is he's coming back with Luca sometime, that'd be mental.

Toddla T dropping by next week !