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The last one was a fidgetty ish one so this one should be filled with Dubstep but, the past couple of days I seem to ended up with lots of bouncy thumping jumping wobbly one two eight stuff. Therefore, I've decided to make this a doubley special one.

1. Where Is It (Aniki Remix) - Blatta & Inesha
* You Wouldn't Understand - Vaski

2. Extraball (TMX Remix) - Yuksek
* Superstylin Smashup - Bassnectar

3. Memory (B. Rich Remix) - Fragma
* Beware - George Lenton

4. Amsterdam (Dem Slackers Remix) - Mightyfools
* Killer - Phaeleh

5. Boom Slang (Rayflash Remix) - Stereoheroes
* Hello (LFTCLCK! Remix) - AC Slater


siddhartha said...

BLock Rockin tested and approved!!!

George said...

this blog is shit

Kashta said...

cheers Georgey all comments welcome...

Any faint clue as to why we're shit or is that a slight tone of jealousy i hear..

Miig said...

ahh you alright George! Nice one.

George said...

ok. yeah its just jelousy, im sorry guys.

Hossle said...

did George Lenton send you lot over that track aswell?


Oh and i out your mixtape up dont know if you managed to have a look yet.

Anonymous said...

I like what you guys do... I am a frequent checker.

Miig said...

my pleasure miss!

lovely pics from sxsw festie.

glad your enjoying it

TwistedSifter said...

Been searching for that Bassnectar track for a minute, gracias!

Been rocking a mixtape version in my pod ever since Bassnectar opened his KissFM set with it. Serious business.

Your site is sick keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I think george meant. "this blog is THE shit" Lol

Dj Hannibal Beretta