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I got what you need baby...


...we're gonna break the beats cos I'm hardcore...

The Proxy shouldn't need any introduction and is someone who's pretty close to the top of the list of who I want to see as soon as! Heard a few tracks played at Snowbombing through a huge Funktion 1 and it was mental. They sound even better on a big system although it doesn't seem as if that's possible!

What You Need (The Proxy Remix) - Tiga [HEAVY!]

Here's an assortment of tracks to get you through this bank holiday weekend. It's gonna be a good one, I've got a sneaky feeling the sun is going to be in a good mood. To start off with, the well known Jayou, he's still pumping out the tracks. If you haven't picked these up already, you need to.

Power Moves - Jayou
Crack Hands VIP - Jayou
Zook - Jayou

Next, Kid Simple has updated us with his latest tracks. There's others by him in this post. More promising stuff!

Bananas - Kid Simple
Ruthless - Kid Simple [HEAVY!]

George Lenton's latest, still not back to the Dubstep but he's still got his finger on that bass button.

Island In The Sun - George Lenton

These two tracks I picked up a little while ago but this guy needs some attention. Cheshire's synths send me wild!

Blah Blah Media - Cheshire [RUDEEE]
The Drop (Cheshire Remix) - Unitz

Another one from the Ninjas, we all like a bit of Daft Punk, have all heard the sample a thousand times but this needs a listen. Another well produced beat.

Harder Better Faster Stronger (2 Ninjas Remix) - Daft Punk

Not Dubstep, but a sick remix from the one and only mouse.

Everybody In The Place (Deadmau5 Remix) - The Prodigy

Finally this track is seriously good! Make sure you go and check out his other releases and where to buy them on his myspace. Also, check the Kotchy remix on Beatport, it's definitely worth the £1.12! Not the usual heavy beats etc, just easy listening, well produced, Dubstep. Big up to the man!

Green Bull - Pacheko [RUDEEE]


Hossle said...

haha loving the Gash Collective appreciation.


Safe for putting the link up.

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