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Winning is the way forward...

For The Win Records which is run by Ashburner and Goli, have just released their third and final free EP. You can pick up the rest in this post. This release is filled with a variety of tracks but each and every one is definitely worth a thorough listen. Maybe even two or three! We've heard from these first two before but they're very welcome around these parts so here are some more filthy beats...

I feel him and Jakes are on the same wavelength!

Drive By VIP - Ashburner
Cutthroat - Ashburner

This one definitely grows on you, give it about 3 or 4 listens then you'll see.

Crick It - Ashburner [RUDEEE]

Steady, rolling, well put together beats from the man Earlybird...

Lady Larnaca - Earlybird
Time's Up - Earlybird

Along side those two from Nottingham there are a couple of other up-n-coming artists straight out the Midlands.

Swarms, three producers from Hereford with such a wide range of influences have been sculpting their deep, ambient sound for almost a year now and have already been recognised by the one and only Mary Anne Hobbs. The were recently featured on her Experimental show and continue to get airplay. With a heavy arsenal of tunes already, these are definitely ones to watch! Oh and check their myspace for a sick remix of The Pipettes and other soothing basslines.

Shiver - Swarms [RUDEEE]
Never Step On Me - Swarms

Adam Prescott, after being deeply influenced by Drum & Bass, Jungle and Reggae, has been producing some sick dancfloor smashers! So much so that his Drum & Bass tunes have been featured on Radio 1, go find them in the downloads section! Adam also holds down two regular Dubstep shows on KindaFunkyRadio and After Dark Radio where he has been showcasing more tunes which we have to look forward to. Here are a couple while you wait. Caution, these contain some heavy wobbles!

Iron Wolf - Adam Prescott [RUDEEE]
Recession Beater - Adam Prescott

First release coming soon...

FTW001: Ashburner
A. Cured
AA. Soul Foal

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