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It’s interview time again and this time we put WILDLIFE! in the hot seat. This guys productions have been making a stir all over the blogs for a few months now, but not only this, he’s shared the bill with some top artists like Sinden, Diplo, South Rakkas Crew and Mujava.

How did you get into music?

Crawlin' on the floor of my father's recording studio when I was a baby - I played with old tapes, cables and microphones instead of rattles and stuff...

How would you describe the sound you've developed?

Put a Jamaican cat in an electronic blender feet first, then turn up the bass to balance out the sound.

Your remix of Radioclit's Secousse got a release. Sick! That's a huge tune. How did this come about?

We played a couple shows together and I really liked their tracks so one thing lead to the other. Big up Johan and Etienne everytime. Oh and watch out for their work with Terry Lynn...sick! (Go buy it on Beatport!)

You work with Terry Lynn a lot, tell us a little about that...

Me and Terry Lynn's creative partner Phred, buck up in Switzerland, where we both live. He introduced me to Terry's song and I felt that something special was happening there. I ended up contributing a few tracks to her album "Kingstonlogic 2.0". Right now, we're touring Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK together and working on new material as well... the whole thing with Terry, Phred and me has developed into some sort of a family thing.

You feeling this Dubstep business?

Yah some of it.... it's THE best to tear a club apart when everybody's totally wasted...

Any releases planned/anything exciting we should know about?

Watch out for my forthcoming WILDLIFE! release.... can't say anything more other than it's gonna be exciting...

What tracks have you got for the readers?

Just finished a remix for french-finnish pop duo The Dø... ended up with a prickly pineapple-sweet lil tropical track... sort of a soundtrack to enjoy spring sun and make out with a girl in a park.

On My Shoulders (WILDLIFE! Remix) - The Dø [RUDEEE]

And as a little extra I got you a remix I recently did for Ghislain Poirier... MC ZULU is absolutely killing this one...

Go Ballistic (WILDLIFE! Re-Rub) - Ghislain Poirier ft. MC ZULU

Thank you for your time, and I'm looking forward to hearing that release.

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