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Introducing HAVOCNDEED

HavocNdeeD consists of OB-ONE and J. Paul who are pumping out some big sounds from the Arizona area in America. Not too much info on them at the moment but watch for more stuff in the future, I think there's a large amount of potential here. Also, from myspace pictures it looks as if there's a live show. If you like your party music with lotsa bass... this is for you.

Im Nin'Alu (Ofra Haza)
O Saya (J. Paul Remix) - M.I.A [RUDEEE]
Toil n Trouble
Paris Is Burning Remix - Ladyhawke

This one gets a special mention cos I love the original and in some ways don't think it should be touched but, this is a fair effort. Pretty much keeping the original but half way through adding a warm bassline which works well.

Roads Remix - Portishead

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