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Here's the latest update of tracks which have been floating around. If you hate all these then make sure you go check DatsiK's new tune "Game Over". It's sick.

Firstly, I've been waiting for this track to be allowed out. Those of you who are fans will have already snatched this one up. Foamo's right on form at the moment and after his large electro remix of La Roux, he's followed in Caspa's footprints and come out with a vocal Dubstep banger.

Bulletproof (Foamo's Dubstep Remix) - La Roux

I picked up these tracks by Jakwob a little while ago but was reminded by Discodust of the potential this lad has. The track featuring Ellie Goulding breaks into some deep whirring Dubstep while the other has some lovely electronic melodies and some whirring wobbles.

Starry Eyed (Feat. Ellie Goulding) - Jakwob
Wild Pitch - Jakwob

You know these two guys so no introduction needed... Keep an eye out for these two, especially Jayou, there's some big stuff happening in the near future.

Beans & Rice - Jayou
Cold Rocker - George Lenton [RUDEEE]

I was kinda surprised to hear that Bonkers was No.1 in the charts yesterday, when I first heard it I never thought it would get that kind of reaction! Big up Armand Van Helden. We were sent this back when it was first around but only noticed it when the iPod was shuffling through in the sunshine. Sounds very much like A1 Bassline...

Bonkers (Boy Kid Cloud's Wake Up Bass Remix) - Armand Van Helden

Lastly, just been in touch with this producer who's living in China at the moment, producing off Reason 3 and just been fired from his job. The tunes are sick nonetheless - expect more from him around these parts. Nice n chilled this one...

By The Cathedral (Alkaseltza Remix) - Keren Ann [RUDEEE]

Been picking these up here and there. There's so many of them around but here are my favourite in no particular order. Couple of Dubstep ones first...

Hold The Line (Danny Scrilla) - Major Lazer
Hold The Line (DZ Remix) - Major Lazer

The trumpets in this one are sick...

Hold The Line (Niggaz On Crack Trompeta Remix) - Major Lazer

Couple of Electronic ones to finish...

Hold The Line (Coin Operated Boy Remix) - Major Lazer
Hold The Line (Golden Gloves Remix) - Major Lazer

Big competition to be announced within the next week ish, I promise you it's worth getting involved! Anyone ever been to a private Red Bull Party?! They're mad.

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