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Introducing POND LIFE

We haven't had one of these for a while so thought this was the perfect way to start it back off. We love pushing the smaller artists and especially when the tracks are innovative and exciting.

Pond Life, previously known as Trypta, got in touch with his variety selection pack of tracks. He's straight out of Watford, England and has definitely got a very unique style of production. I can feel some techy influneces floating around but the repetitive wobbles if left to play, will work their way into your mind and get your body jiggling.

Firstly a couple of sick tracks which are more along the fidgetty lines, bouncyness...

Acid Beat
Mr Robot [RUDEEE]

Then some more Dubstepy based with lovely rolling basslines...

Bunker [RUDEEE]

This one, I don't know how to describe - the title fits well. You'll need to give it a few listens cos your ears won't have heard anything like this before...!


I urge you to download all of these, new sounds are good for your mind, body and soles of your feet! Just delete the ones you don't like but give them all a chance. You knows it. Go check his myspace...

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