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How you like me now?

Fresh little booty of La Roux. Was only listening to this the other day thinking, this needs a remix. Well... here we are. B. Rich with his finger on that bass button again. Big up the Party Like Us crew.

Tigerlily (B. Rich Remix) - La Roux

Next, Joker's let this go for all you lucky people out there. Really really digging his stuff. For all those that don't know, his latest EP is out on Beatport so go chuck it in your crate. There's also a new one on the Tectonics compilation which is worth a check.

How You Like Me Now? (Joker Radio Edit) - The Heavy

Lastly... Calibre has slowed the bpm and created a masterpiece here. I LoveThisTune! Instrumental underground sounds with lovely melodies. Stuck on repeat...

Stolen Shadow - Calibre [RUDEEE]

Check his myspace for more quality biz. Oh and of course Beatport too. Drop it down.

Bonus: for all those that didn't pick this up from the facebook page, I've decided it's worthy of a post. Big bass under those catchy M.I.A vocals. Party on.

Come Around (Emu Remix) - M.I.A

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