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When I was a yout...

Anyone that's been following this blog for a while will have noticed that we've supported this man, George Lenton, from the very beginning. This is undoubtedly the most satisfying aspect to running a blog, being able to spot potential in an artist and push their progression as much as possible. This track comes as an exclusive and is probably my favourite production of his yet. He never fails to try something a little different, this track works well for chilling, but possibly could also go down well in the middle of set. Give this a few listens all the way through before making up your mind.

On Repeat - George Lenton

There's no doubt in Breakage's production or DJing abilities, as demonstrated in Nottingham on Friday where he smashed Basslaced - to all those who caught us warming up the upstairs, thanks for making it one of our most enjoyable sets to date. This track comes as a bit of a surprise to be a freebie as it's my favourite on the official release package. Anyway, bit of bangin' Drum & Bass never goes a miss...

Raver (Breakage Pattern Moschino Remix) - Shy FX [via Annie Mac Presents]

While we're on the topic of Breakage and super-producers, another one being Redlight - that one who has mastered the art of sub-bass. When you combine the two, this is what you get...

Hard (Redlight Remix) - Breakage [via FACT Mag]

Last but not least, Doorly brings us a bouncy, Funky/Garage crossover on very similar vibes to his Marina & The Diamonds remix. For those that bait Doorly, please hesitate before doing so next time. He's a tight DJ, big party starter and his strategically timed, well produced remixes have gained him huge attention. Keep an eye out for his new Pigeonhole This! label with artwork from our friend Yoghurt Warrior. Also keep an eye out for his Garage rub of The Cuban Brothers... (here)

Get A Move On (Doorly's Pigeonhole This! Remix) - Mr Scruff

Sorry for lack of tunes lately. Hope this makes up!

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