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2010 Christmas Dubstep Compilation

On the 11th day of Christmas, Hush House gave to me, one 11 track compilation!

We've trekked through the multitude of free music that's been given out recently, listened intently, scrutinised appropriately and in the end, whittled it down to just 11 tracks (apart from the others in these posts). We originated as a Dubstep blog and we're aware that many of you are avid Dubstep fans therefore, this is Dubstep only. Some of the tracks have been around for a bit so we've also made the tracks available to download individually, however, we advise this works nicely as a journey of sounds. Stick it on the iPod or burn a CD, no skipping and, decent speakers or headphones required.

DOWNLOAD: HH 2010 Christmas Dubstep Compilation [zip]

01. Hope - Kerogen
02. Grains - Indigo
03. Volvic - Numan
04. The Record Box - DJ Madd
05. Sniven - Jack Sparrow
06. Travelling - Quest
07. Corner Dance - DJ Madd
08. Searching - Quest
09. Copland - Jack Sparrow
10. Mother Protect (Phaeleh's Ravebomb Remix) - Niki & The Dove
11. Just Fall (feat. Hannah T) - HeavyFeet

Make sure you support all the artists, follow them on Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, aswell as buying their releases on Juno or Juno Download - you should all know the deal by now!


John said...

Track 10 - yeowww!

Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz said...

WOW! Big ups on hooking up these massive tracks!!! Following now :)

Fraca90 said...

link not working :D

Miig said...

unfortunately due to hosting problems this will not be available for download - sorry