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Featuring KAPSIZE

Artist: L-Wiz
Tracks: Straitjacket / 4.42 Oz
Release date: Feb 21st 2011 [Vinyl] / 28th Feb 2011 [Digital]

Buy: Juno / Juno Download

"Kapsize kick starts 2011 with 2 fresh cuts from a new label artist: L-Wiz. While L-Wiz is new to Kapsize, the Swedish duo are in no way new to the dubstep scene - drawing attention with killer tracks like 'Girl From Codeine City' and the classic 'Girlfriend', the production pair have been making high quality dubstep tracks since the early 2004-5 days, even launching the first ever release on Dub Police! It is with pleasure that we announce 'Straitjacket' and '4.42 Oz' find a home on Kapsize!

Keeping in the spirit of Joker's own melodic productions, L-Wiz take a different angle from their previous output - pushing layer after layer of perfectly produced synth lines in harmonic syncracy. 'Straitjacket' is the more dancefloor focussed of the two cuts, with a sleazy, low-slung take on the 'purple' sound we all know and love at Kapsize - while keeping it heavily weighted to provide bass fans with plenty of satisfactory rumble! Flip for the equally melodic '4.42 Oz' which takes a more relaxed approach in vibe, taking things in a futuristic direction while simultaneously referencing the past. Beautifully produced elegant music that you will keep coming back to.

DJ support from everyone from Plastician to 2562 as well as of course being a main staple in Joker's own sets last year."

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