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Damu - Unity LP

In recent years Damu has been consistently up there with the best in the business and his unique sound has been hotly tipped in various quarters. His debut album is out now on Martin Clark’s Keysound Recordings, which follows acclaimed releases by LV & Joshua Idehen and Sully earlier this year. Damu has previously only had two physical releases, Ridin EP and Mermaid, so this 60 minute release is a big step for the producer.

Damu exemplifies his unique sound perfectly in Unity, with euphoric climaxes crashing together with vibrant and melodic beats to create a modern and experimental display. 'Ridin’ The Hype’ has to be the masterpiece of the album, with the diction of Trim solidifying the track with a deep and dark vibe. The majority of the tracks are bubbly garage stepping tunes like ‘L.O.V.E’ and ‘After Indigo’, but Damu also shows his depth and development in tracks such as ‘Maths is Fine For Sum’ and ‘Waterfall Of Light’, which gives more of a shuffling house sound, full of deep gear-changing shifts that keep you guessing.

Ridin' The Hype (feat. Trim) - Damu [Keysound Recordings]

Through this LP you can really see the development and progression that Damu has made as a producer. He shows knowledge of chord progression and structural sleight of hand that many of his peers would kill for and I am sure this producer will continue to shock in the future.

Unity LP Preview - Damu [Keysound Recordings]

Unity was released on 17th October and is available via Juno etc.

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hedmuk. said...

In recent years? Swear he's not been about that long, you know.