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Featuring AMUS/2562

Dave Huismans has put out quite a lot of music since 2007 under many aliases and on a lot of great labels including Tectonic and 3024. His last couple of releases, however, were on his own new label When In Doubt as 2562 but he is back again as A Made Up Sound to deliver his last release of the year, Take The Plunge.

A Made Up Sound - Take The Plunge (Beats Mix) [forthcoming A Made Up Sound]

The "Beats Mix" of the title track is some serious techno-driven business accompanied by aggressive repeating synths that oscillate from left to right. Under this is some skipping beats, reminiscent of earlier AMUS releases, to help level out the synth movements. This is followed by a slightly off balance track called "Anger Mgmt" that has a bouncing bassline and a slightly broken yet on point break that pulls it along nicely. The third track is a beatless version of the title track to help you come down nice and slow.

Promos are already available on vinyl from Juno with full release on wax and digital set for December 7th.

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