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It seems that this year there has been very little Hotflush material that we haven't mentioned on the blog, a testament of course to the quality control that Scuba exercises as a label manager. The first release of 2012, and in fact the first release this artist has had, will be in the form of a 12" from Belgium's Locked Groove.

We are informed that Tim van de Meutter hasn't been producing in this style for very long but it is impossible to tell by these three tracks. The nine minute long 'Rooted' signals this as a no-nonsense release. A gentle intro with floating keys soon descends into a brutal and acidic groove, made complete by slightly screechy samples and a steady four to the floor. 'Drowning' leaves any niceties behind and taps into the Berghain links that Scuba has formed over the last couple of years. And finally, a slower and more appeasing track entitled 'Change' rounds off this carefully crafted trio of tunes.

Rooted EP - Locked Groove [forthcoming Hotflush]

It won't be long before you can get hold of these, HFT20 will be available on 16th January 2011 from Juno.

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