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This post has been a long time coming (this isn't the first time Shooting Horses has had a track posted by us) but now we feel it's a fitting time to properly introduce this super tight producer ahead of his debut EP on DubNoir Music.

Today is one of those exciting days when we get to give away a fine piece of dance music, possibly even first ones on the internet to do so. The reason this track is so special is because, not only has it had heavy rotation with serious volume on our own system but whenever we've played this track out someone has asked afterwards what it is. It especially goes down towards the end of a set at about 3am! Bouncy, energetic, catchy etc...

Khrushchev - Shooting Horses

And another freebie which we asked for a special dub version of...

The Way (Shooting Horses Dub) - Purpl Pop

Now onto the other news... January sees a release from SH which features 3 originals and a remix from the ever-so crisp New Zealand brotherly duo Chaos In The CBD - which is highly recommended by us.

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