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Boddika x Joy O x Pearson Sound

Some times you can take a collaboration too far. In fact when we heard that Boddika and Joy Orbison were being joined by Pearson Sound we weren't sure whether this was genius or one too many cooks in 'The Zoo'.

It shouldn't take too long to realise that you've heard this track all over the place in the last couple of months being rinsed by everyone from Loefah to Ben UFO. The infusion of Pearson Sound to the mixture really brings out the sexy club vibes in Boddika and Joy Orb's brand of Techno, making 'Faint' a must for any mix.

Faint - Boddika, Joy Orbison & Pearson Sound [forthcoming SUNKLO]

This tasty slice is backed with 'Nil' and 'Moist' - both Boddika and Joy O productions and a lot less dancefloor friendly than 'Mercy' or 'Dun Dun' but still, both are interesting, quality compositions.

Faint / Nil / Moist is available this week from all the usual spots so keep your ear to the ground. Sign up for an email at Juno to hear when it's in stock.

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