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The name EJECA first appeared on our radar late last year after a couple solid EPs on HellZone Records, since then the Irishman has had a torrent of releases, predominantly in the form of remix commissions and compilation contributions. However, heads really started turning after his addition to the vinyl only Tusk Wax series in May. Around the same time BICEP ended their outstanding Boiler Room set with 'You', the duo's collaboration track with EJECA forthcoming on an EP out on Aus Music next week. As the relatively new producer heads towards a surge in popularity, we thought we'd delve a little deeper into the world of EJECA. Here are a few questions and a mix for your listening pleasure.

You - BICEP & EJECA [forthcoming Aus Music]

When did you start producing and what were your main influences as you were growing up?

When I was about 10/11. I got a DJX Keyboard, it was so much fun , actually learn't a lot of it. Had a wee sampler on it and all. I used Cubase with it but got too confused (I still do) then went on to Fruity Loops.

Your output as Ejeca so far has been somewhere in the house/disco domain, have you ever, or would you ever, consider producing any other styles of music?

Haha, I've produced quite a varied amount of genres. Trance, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Techno, House, Garage. I guess I get bored quite easily, but in my opinion you can learn a lot producing a new genre for a while, even if it's miles off the standard. I always like making more 'concept' type music, I've actually made a lot of albums of stuff with IDM and minimal type sounds that not very many people have heard.

Can you talk us through your approach to producing? What does your setup consist of?

A PC, Ableton and a midi keyboard. That's what it has been since I was about 10. I look at computer music magazines like porno mags, wishing I had 1k to blow on a hardware synth but i don't. In Ableton I would start in the loop mode just chopping and changing vsts and samples until I have about 5 tracks (drum, bass, synth, pad, vocals) that go well. In my opinion if you have a good 4 bar loop that has been playing for an hour and it doesn't annoy you you're probably on to a winner. As I've always produced on my own I've had to do my own A&R, in my opinion this is key as if your don't really like it then chances are others will be the same. Another tip is don't produce when drunk, 99% of the time it's pish(ed).

I Got What You Want (EJECA Remix) - Jet Project [Extended Play]

Over the last year you have worked on a lot of remixes, is putting your own stamp on someone elses track something that you enjoy doing? How does it contrast with making your own original productions?

I enjoy remixing, really see it as a challenge. Compared to making my own stuff at least i know someone else will hear it so I put full effort into it. Usually I will listen to the original and try to see what I can fundamentally change which will add to it - that could be adding alot of swing into a straight/quantised track etc.

Tusk Wax 5 was a vinyl only release, whereas all of your previous output was only available digitally. What style of djing do you favour and where do you stand on the analogue vs digital debate?

I had 1210s when I was 11, then bought CD decks too when I was about 15, then sold the lot when I was at uni/skint. I now DJ off a Traktor S2, and I think it's great. As I've sort of used everything I would say do whatever you want. I just love the idea of playing a track out that I made 2 hours before, if I was using vinyl I would have to wait 6 months for test plates before i could play it. I really see no difference between timecode, CD decks and controllers, they are all just controlling binary data. I agree there is a nice natural sub bass off vinyl records, but this is no match for the on the fly nature of Traktor and controller where you can drop in new loops, edit, samples, tracks and pre-program your own effects.

Your collaborations with Bicep have been very well received, do you see yourselves working together again in the future?

Yes, we all love 90s house and garage so I can see us making more end of night rave hits, probably 2013 as we are both busy enough with our own stuff.

Finally, can you let us know of any upcoming projects or releases that we may not be aware of yet?

I'm quite busy getting stuff arranged for various labels; Extended Play, House of Disco, Saints & Sonnets, Needwant and Kolour. Keep posted on my Soundcloud and Facebook.

Thanks for your time.

Make sure you download this mix below which features EJECA's very own unreleased version of 'You'.


01. You (EJECA's Piano Version) - BICEP & EJECA [unreleased]
02. Absolute Drop - Spirit Catcher [Z Records]
03. Planet Patrol - Chris Carrier [OFF Recordings]
04. Ghetto Kraviz (Amine Edge Edit) - Nina Kraviz [Rekids]
05. Think It Over - DJ Steaw [Local Talk]
06. Reference One - 25 Places [Liebe Detail]
07. Home By Six - Nils Nuernberg, Florian Kruse, Karina Junker [Liebe Detail]
08. Twerk - DJ Funk & Zombie Disco Squad [Made To Play]
09. Fuzzy Border - Jay Shepheard [Lo:Rise]
10. Eva Mendes - Mosca [Hypercolour]
11. Dreamer - Livin' Joy [MCA Records]

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You/Don't EP is available via Juno and other outlets from Monday 16 July.


Pelski said...

nice mix. love Ejeca - that 'Tetra' tune still a personal fave.

tora said...

still possible to get my hands on this HH mix? would really like to hear it! best regards, tora