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Featuring HUERCO S.

The hotly anticipated Apheleia's Theme EP is due to be released some point soon courtesy of Future Times records. Usually I have a strong disdain for anything music related with the word 'future' in it but the New York imprint has lead me to rethink my vocabulary related prejudices. The Future Times back catalogue is well worth checking out with some great contributions from the likes of Maxmillion Dunbar and Rhythm Based Lovers (AKA Jason Letkiewicz) . All three tracks on the Apheleia's Theme EP are of a really high calibre, Huerco S. is quickly establishing himself as one of the top producers in the game with his consistently classy and intelligent output.

Apheleia's Theme - Huerco S. [Future Times]

In other news the man from missouri has recently served up a cracking debut EP under his new regal scandinavian guise, The Royal Crown of Sweden. The A side tracks are hazy and lethargic while the B side tracks take on a more upbeat, soulful and then disco tinted hue. Really strong release, definitely worth picking up.

R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R - Royal Crown Of Sweden [Proibito]

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