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Introducing MGUN

Manuel Gonzalez (aka MGUN) had a productive last portion of 2012 with releases on Don't Be Afraid as well as The Trilogy Tapes. His distinctly weird and lo-fi sound resides somewhere in between Detroit techno and the more experimental fare of producers such as Container.

On the If You're Reading This EP you'll find six more tracks of MGUN brand techno and electro weirdness. Tracks such as 'Bean Chirp' and 'Funnel Vision' provide us with brief glimpses into the bizarre and dystopian world of this producer, with crunchy kicks and hi-hats meeting strange analog synths. The EP is diverse in its range, fans of last year's 'The Race' are certain to find kinship with the track 'Jijijijij$ijijijiji', a similar excursion into the world of lo-fi and ghetto breakbeat techno. With 'Proxy' and 'Tritan' Gonzales delivers two longer tracks that lean more towards dance floor use. Acid lines gurgle away on 'Proxy' until at the end of the record everything seems to malfunction and collapse in on itself, before beginning again. 'Tritan' emerges as the most atmospheric track on the EP, with synths colliding and a solid drum track that serves to drive the whole thing forward.

If You're Reading This EP - MGUN [Don't Be Afraid]

Gonzales manages to keep expectations high with this release, and you can pick it up from Juno on May 20th.

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