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Featuring PEV & HODGE

Hodge has been busy recently, having dropped his debut album with Outboxx. However, he has found time to link up with fellow Bristolian Peverelist for a two-track EP on Punch Drunk, which you may have heard in Kowton's excellent XLR8R mix.

Both tracks centre on the chiming bell synth but have distinct characters which should please both house and dubstep fans. 'Dream Sequence' features the distinct bell melody filtered eerily over a single kick drum and flurry of hi hats, whilst 'System Mix' has Pev's dubbier spring-reverbed percussion and swung beats over the delayed chimes. Both tunes are around 120 bpm but this pace adds to the hallucinogenic tone of the EP. Recently, Punch Drunk's output has highlighted the sense of Bristol camaraderie, and hopefully these two will work again soon.

Grab it now, directly from Punch Drunk.

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