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Steven Tang has arrived with his first LP, 'Disconnect to Connect', filled to the brim with spaced-out jams and percussive house.

'Interstice' starts off the LP in a laid-back fashion, with sweeping deep chords joined by shuffling drums that echo throughout the rest of the record. Title track 'Disconnect to Connect' starts off similarly, the percussion creating a tough groove to contrast with the blissed-out synth and deep bass line - there's something otherworldly about this one.

'Some Solace', 'Heat Burst', and 'Sunspot' explore the acid side of things a bit more, although in different ways. 'Some Solace', very much in the same vain as 'Disconnect to Connect', is chilled-out and bursting with layer upon layer of atmosphere. 'Heat Burst' on the other hand takes acid head on, with Tang using complicated drum patterns and tight 303 programming to create a dark and intense stomper. 'Sunspot' lies somewhere in between the two, this time the percussion taking a bit more of a backseat, instead letting the deep, almost dubby kick do the talking.

Disconnect to Connect LP – Steven Tang [Smallville]

'It's Perceived as a Sound' is similar in ways to 'Interstice', this time the chords accompanied by a lazy but great sounding broken-beat. 'Potential Light' carries the LP rather nicely to 'Brink of Dawn', which rather fittingly rounds off the LP; bleached out and heady, this one is best left for the end of the night.

[SMALLVILLELP 07] will be available 15th July, from Juno.

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