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Featuring R-ZONE

As 2013 rolls on, the weird and seemingly directionless nature of underground and eclectic dance music continues. R-Zone is a label that represents a collective of established artists, working under one anonymous pseudonym. By releasing their work under this guise, it challenges them to release material that doesn't rely on a well known label name or producer's 'street cred' to generate interest.

'Rebecca in the Hall' is the first track on R-Zone 06 and is a good gateway track for what the label is all about. a 303 bassline meets terse percussion and other spacial effects with the occasional injection of a vocal sample. 'Romijn Ravine' touches on the breakbeats and ravey synths reminiscent of UK hardcore, while 'Night Level II' rounds out the EP with similar otherworldly and synth laden 4/4 sounds.

Rebecca in the Hall / Romijn Ravine / Night Level II - R-Zone 06 [R-Zone]

You can pick up this up at Juno this month, and check out the rest of the labels back catalogue here.

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