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Featuring MEDLAR

Medlar AKA Ned Peglar has been releasing EPs on Brighton's Wolf Music for a little over 3 years now. His style of music has a tendency to include elements of classic Chicago and NY house, as well as more bass-orientated influences and a knack for experimentation using synths and pitch-shifted vocal samples.

His new album 'Sleep' is a good indicator of what he is capable of in terms of production, and it also gives you a sense of the breadth of his sound. The music carries a certain understated and confident tone that resonates throughout the LP. The manipulation of the piano, cello and other acoustic instruments give the work a natural, earthy feel, not totally dissimilar from that of Archie Pelago. If this LP is any indication, Medlar will be up to big things in the near future.

The Sleep LP is available now from Juno.

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