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For the second in the series we bring you rising underground star Boot straight out of Sydney. A perfect mix with a little something for everyone, keeping the finger on the bass button at all times. One of our favourite mixes of the last couple of months and we can't wait to let your ears benefit.

Producer/DJ/Anarchist, Tim Butler has quickly risen to the forefront of Australian Dubstep production. Playing, writing and studying music since he was 6, Boot became hooked on electronic music after hearing artists such as Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk, Teebee, Photek and early Bad Company. His sound is a convergence of dark dancefloor Dubstep, techstep Drum and Bass, funky Techno, Tech House, punk attitude and he brings this love of dark and brooding futuristic hyperfunk to his tunes, leaving us with only one way to describe his music - seriously teched out dance floor Dubstep with a deeper edge.

Boot also writes and performs as one half of The Abyss with fellow Sydney artist Sook, recently finishing a remix of Dubtek's 'Fanatic'. Several other remixes and original collaborations are on the boil as we speak. With DJ support from artists such as Droid Sector, Triage, Dubtek, Phaded, Twisted and Ultrablack just to name a few, and releases lined up on Terminal Dusk & Betamorph, Boot is definitely one to watch out for over the coming year!


01. VCO - Komonazmuk [Terminal Dusk]
02. Broken Hopes - Droid Sector [Bassism]
03. Blackmail - Boot [dub]
04. Witchcraft - Matta & Dubtek [Terminal Dusk]
05. Replicators - B1t Crunch3r & Phonetic System [Gamma Audio]
06. Embryonics - 3rdeye & Safire [dub]
07. What Becomes Of... - Sook [dub]
08. White Phosphorus - Boot [dub]
09. Geisha - J. Nitrous [dub]
10. Effervescense - Dubtek [dub]
11. Rub A Dub (Droid Sector Remix) - The Bassist & Roommate [dub]
12. Headcharge (Eskmo Remix) - Backdraft [Downbeat]
13. Might Like You Better - Vaski [dub]
14. Dubstep Killa - Roommate [Terminal Dusk]
15. Hallucinations (The Bassist Remix) - NTRLD [Brap Dem]
16. Sketchy Maxx (Ruckus & Roke Remix) - Mark Instinct [Betamorph]
17. Fanatic (The Abyss Remix) - Dubtek [dub]
18. Onlooker - Triage [Dubstep Recordings]
19. aaawradaddaddad - Thrasher [dub]


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any chance of an reupload?
Link is dead..
Thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-upload? The link is dead and this is the only mix I have missing, from the collection. Thanks alot!

Miig said...

will get this back up as soon as possible. we'll have to dig it out from an old hard drive. thanks for the support!